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Fair Recruitment

Our company principles

We are committed to fair and ethical recruitment and placement practices.

We act responsibly, because our motto is „Only those who are aware of their responsibility can act responsibly“ and we are aware that our thoughts and actions have an impact on our nursing staff, our customers and our company.

We attach great importance to trust, because everyone who works with us can be sure of our loyalty and reliability. We treat our customers and partners as we would like to be treated, regardless of whether they are business people or unskilled workers.

We communicate actively with our candidates and partners to ensure a good and sustainable cooperation.

We support and accompany our candidates in activities, we accommodate them, provide security and address their needs.

We are convinced of life-live learning and are therefore able to implement fair and ethically justifiable recruitment and placement practices.

Treating our customers and partners with respect is very important to us – this is the basis for our success!

We strive to treat our candidates and partners fairly and humanely, which is why we pay attention to changes and adapt our behavior and processes to these changes.

Honesty is the basis of trust. Our candidates can expect sincerity and truthfulness from us, and that is exactly what we want.

Commitment to the WHO Code of Conduct for the International Recruitment of Health Professionals

We are committed to that

we organize international recruitment in a way that is fair, transparent and sustainable and that negative effects on the health systems of developing countries are avoided and the rights of migrants are protected.

we do not limit the right of professionals to international mobility. We compensate for the shortage and strive for a sustainable supply of health professionals.

Commitment to the employer pays principle

We are committed to covering all recruitment, language training, transfer and adaptation costs. This also applies to possible ancillary agreements and/or arrangements.

Course for international nurses from the first contact in the country of origin to the professional license in Germany

More information can be found in the information brochure.